CD / sample / WMG / 9878-70034-2 / made in Germany (Warner Music) / 2002.07

Sample disc from the 2002 reissue of the album. The discs were used by the distributors to presell the album to retailers. More information about sample discs can be found in the Test pressings document.

The front artwork has been printed on a regular piece of paper, with the tracklist and release details, such as the release date, "August 19 2002", and the order number with the distributor in Germany, Warner Music Group Germany GmbH, "700342 LC 03159", printed on the back. LC is the Label Code, which helps the distributor to find releases by label. A biography in German is attached to the cover art.

A shorter note with a biography and release details in English was also included with the one disc found, this was probably not used in Germany along with the other papers with German text, but included with copies sent out elsewhere in Europe. The text "CD 003420 ACE" is the order number with the international distributor, ACE Distribution and Logistics Service.

Only one disc has surfaced.



Disc, sleeve, and artwork
1. Disc, sleeve, and artwork

2. Disc

Other side of artwork, tracklist
3. Other side of artwork, tracklist

Biography in German, both sides of same paper
4. Biography in German, both sides of same paper

Short English biography, separate paper
5. Short English biography, separate paper