Smells Like Teen Spirit

CD / sample / DGC / GED 21673 / made in Germany (Sonopress) / 1991

Sample disc from the original pressing of the single. More information about sample discs can be found in the Test pressings document.

Two copies have been found. One came with a retail insert, the other came in a white paper sleeve with two ordering sheets from the distributor, BMG Ariola. The one with the retail insert may have been used as a regular radio or print promo, by the distributor, or simply sold by mistake. The second was used by the distributor to presell the single to retailers.



Copy 1, front of sleeve
1. Copy 1, front of sleeve

Copy 1, back of sleeve
2. Copy 1, back of sleeve

Copy 1, disc
3. Copy 1, disc

Copy 2, BMG order sheet
4. Copy 2, BMG order sheet

Copy 2, BMG sheet
5. Copy 2, BMG sheet