12" (red/ blue) / test pressing / Geffen / GEF 21711 / made in Australia (Festival) / 1992

This half blue, half red test/ production pressing came in a rounded inner plastic sleeve, and a plain white die-cut cardboard sleeve. It was pressed by Festival Records, which has been defunct since 2005 [1]. It is not known where it was cut. The one surfaced copy came from a former factory worker, and may be the only white label copy there is.

Test pressings are usually pressed on black vinyl, even though the retail pressings will be on colored vinyl, because black vinyl is cheapest and usually readily available. The test pressing may have been done on colored vinyl to also see how the colors would turn out in addition to inspecting the audio quality of the stampers. Another possibility is that unsurfaced black vinyl test pressings had already been pressed and approved, and the colored white label record or records were the first records to have been made during the retail pressing.


Side A
  • Turnaround - 
  • Aneurysm - 
  • D-7
Side B
  • Son Of A Gun - 
  • Even In His Youth - 
  • Molly's Lips


Side A
DMX 79745 ®2B
Side B
DMX 79 746 ®2A

Record, side A
1. Record, side A

Red side with impurities
2. Red side with impurities

Blue side with impurities
3. Blue side with impurities