Kill Rock Stars

12" (black) / test pressing / Kill Rock Stars / KRS-201 / made in USA (RTI) / 2001.12.03

The test pressing was made for a reissue, but the matrix codes are identical to the original release from 1991. They were pressed by Record Technology, Inc with stampers processed from the original father plates. The lacquers were cut by John Golden at K Disc, and originally processed by Lee Plating. According to the seller of the only surfaced copy, four test pressings were made, though RTI's own website states they usually makes five [1].


Side A
  • Girl Germs (Bratmobile) - 
  • Loch Ness (Some Velvet Sidewalk) - 
  • Don't Mix The Colors (Courtney Love) - 
  • N.O.U. Cooking With Gas! (The Nation Of Ulysses) - 
  • You Speak Jealousy (Unwound) - 
  • Narrow (Mecca Normal) - 
  • Beeswax (Nirvana)
Side B
  • Feels Blind (Bikini Kill) - 
  • The Reaper Song (Witchypoo) - 
  • Ever Since My Accident (Melvins) - 
  • Immediate Impound Zone (Infamous Menagerie) - 
  • Make You Come (Kicking Giant) - 
  • Everybody and their Dog (Fitz of Depression) - 
  • Red Dress (Jad Fair)


Side A
KRS-201-A kdisc JG L-38271
Side B
KRS-201-B kdisc JG L-38271X

Stamp on sleeve
1. Stamp on sleeve

Side A
2. Side A

Side B
3. Side B