Unconfirmed test pressings

Incesticide / 12" / Europe

A British white label test pressing of Incesticide was apparently sold by eil.com, as one was previously marked as "out of stock" on their website [1]. There is no version of the album manufactured in the UK, and while it could have been a test pressing for a cancelled UK pressing, it was most likely the 1992 Dutch edition, or the 1997 French edition, GEF 24504 in both cases.

Smells Like Teen Spirit / 7" / USA

The book Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross mentions a Smells Like Teen Spirit 7" test pressing which the band's radio promotion representative brought to the radio station when they visited KXLU studios in Los Angeles on August 15th, 1991 [2]. The single was released on September 10th, and it is plausible that they would have test pressings ready at this time. The only American 7" is DGCS7-19050, a few matrix variations were released but ultimatley the stampers were all sourced from the same lacquers. The B-side is Even In His Youth.

Smells Like Teen Spirit / 7" / DGCS 5 / UK

A British 7" test pressing was on an Italian dealer's sale list in the late 1990's [3]. Two matrix versions were released, both with Drain You as the B-side.

Come As You Are / 7" / DGCS 7 / UK

A British white label test pressing was advertised in Record Collector in March 1995 [3], and one was also sold by eil.com.

Pennyroyal Tea

See Unconfirmed Pennyroyal Tea items for all rumored test pressings.

Hard To Believe / 12" / DAMP 121 / Australia

According to Frank Cotterell, owner of Waterfront, these test pressings are long gone. He never sold them, so they were most likely lost or recycled. [4]