Unplugged In New York

12" (black) / test pressing / DGC / DGC-24727 / made in USA (MCA Gloversville) / 1994.10.06

White label test pressing, made for both the white and black retail records. The lacquers were cut by Ron Boustead at Precision Lacquer (known as Precision Mastering since 1999), and then sent to the MCA plant in Gloversville ("GL"), NY, which processed metal plates and pressed the records. The test pressings were pressed a little less than a month before the album was released.

Currently only one copy has been found. It came from an industry collection.

The matrix codes below may be incomplete and/ or slightly wrong. The catalog number may not be repeated on side B, and one or both sides may have some faint numbers added, "1-1" and similar, to keep track of the metal plates.


Side A
  • About A Girl - 
  • Come As You Are - 
  • Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam - 
  • TMWSTW - 
  • Pennyroyal Tea - 
  • Dumb - 
  • Polly
Side B
  • On A Plain - 
  • Something In A Way - 
  • Plateau - 
  • Oh, Me - 
  • Lake Of Fire - 
  • All Apologies - 
  • Where Did You Sleep Last Night


Side A
DGC-247257-AGL1 24727 A RB Precision
Side B
DGC-247257-BGL1 24727 B RB Precision

Sleeve with record inside
1. Sleeve with record inside

Side A
2. Side A