Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare


The Taiwanese edition came in a big box with a paper ribbon around the bottom with the barcode and other information, similar to the obi on Japanese books. A sturdier, plain brown inner box protects the contents. The three discs were placed in a clear case with a color tray without inserts. Copies with green and pink trays have been found. It came with a large manual and a simple hint guide for Carnby's scenario. The hint guide was shrinkwrapped to the back of the box advertising the full G2 guide on its back side.

Curiously, the matrix codes on discs 1 and 2 were also written into the data area by mistake.

The game is in English.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
2001 (?)
Infogrames Taiwan


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Front of obi
3. Front of obi

Back of obi
4. Back of obi

Front of manual
5. Front of manual

Back of manual
6. Back of manual

Front of hint guide
7. Front of hint guide

Back of hint guide
8. Back of hint guide

Disc 1
9. Disc 1

Disc 2
10. Disc 2

Disc 3
11. Disc 3

Disc 1 matrix code
12. Disc 1 matrix code

Contents with pink disc case tray
13. Contents with pink disc case tray

Discs in green disc case tray
14. Discs in green disc case tray


Thanks to LuxKiller65 (images 1-2, 5-13), Ruten member wu3010p (images 3-4), and Yahoo! Auctions Taiwan (image 14).