Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare


The Taiwanese edition came in a big box with a paper ribbon around the bottom with the barcode and other information, similar to the obi on Japanese books. The three discs came in a special case without inserts. It came with a large manual and a simple hint guide for Carnby's scenario. A registration card may also have been included.

The game is in English.

Finding a copy complete with the box is difficult, I have only seen one watermarked photo so it is currently not displayed on this page.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
2001 (?)
Infogrames Taiwan


Front of manual
1. Front of manual

Front of hint guide
2. Front of hint guide

Disc 1 in case
3. Disc 1 in case

Discs 2 and 3 in case
4. Discs 2 and 3 in case


Thanks to Ruten member beatleskk (images 1-2) and unknown Yahoo! Auctions Taiwan member (images 3-4).