Alan Wake (Sammlerausgabe In Limitierter Auflage)


The German limited edition contains the game, a soundtrack disc, a bonus disc, and Die Akte Alan Wake hardcover book. The game came with a manual, double-sided advert for Xbox Live, and an add-on content download card for the first DLC episode. The book came with a paper slipcover. The items were packed in a box made to look like a book, with a cardboard slipover cover.


  1. A Writer's Dream
  2. Young Men Dead
  3. Welcome to Bright Falls
  4. The Clicker
  5. How Can I Be Sure
  6. Tom the Diver (Collector's Edition Exclusive Mix)
  7. The Beaten Side of Town
  8. The Poet and the Muse
  9. Electrica Cadente
  10. Tom the Diver

Publication details

360 PAL retail game + CD
catalog #
K3F 00006
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Microsoft Game Studios


Front of slipover cover
1. Front of slipover cover

Back of slipover cover
2. Back of slipover cover

Slipcover over box
3. Slipcover over box

Inner box
4. Inner box

Opened box
5. Opened box

Front of game
6. Front of game

Game disc
7. Game disc

Front of manual
8. Front of manual

Download card
9. Download card

Xbox Live advertisement
10. Xbox Live advertisement

Front of soundtrack and bonus disc cover
11. Front of soundtrack and bonus disc cover

12. Soundtrack

Bonus disc
13. Bonus disc

Front of book slipcover
14. Front of book slipcover

Front of book
15. Front of book


Thanks to OGDB (images 1-15).