Alan Wake (Edycja Specjalna)


The Polish limited edition came in a box with a sticker detailing the contents:

  • Keep case with game and manual
  • Large digipak case with Alan Wake Bonus DVD (1), Alan Wake Bonus DVD (2), and Alan Wake Sciezka Dzwiekowa (soundtrack)
  • Alan Wake Akta paperback book
  • Six (?) postcards, a poster, and sheet with seven stickers (stored in a pocket in the dikipak)

Unlike most other regional releases which had English text on the postcards and stickers, these have Polish text.

Publication details

PC DVD-ROM retail game + CD
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Cenega/ Nordic Games


Front of box with sticker
1. Front of box with sticker

Front of box
2. Front of box

Back of box
3. Back of box

Bottom of box
4. Bottom of box

Spines of contents
5. Spines of contents

Front of game case
6. Front of game case

Bonus DVD (1)
7. Bonus DVD (1)

Bonus DVD (2)
8. Bonus DVD (2)

Soundtrack disc
9. Soundtrack disc

Postcards and stickers in digipak pocket
10. Postcards and stickers in digipak pocket

Postcards and stickers
11. Postcards and stickers

Front of book
12. Front of book


Thanks to SeiyaKou (image 1), and Allegro members dawid_szelest_files (images 2-3, 6-12) and kasumigoto (images 4-5).