Dino Crisis (Simplified Chinese Version)


The Chinese first edition was sold for RMB 48. It contains:

  • Cardboard slipcover
  • Ubi Soft case with cover insert
  • Game disc
  • Guide sheet with blue print
  • Ubi Soft sheet
  • Advertisement for Dino Crisis editions
  • Advertisement for other games
  • Registration card
  • Manual and guide book

The combined manual and guide book contains over 100 pages and was packaged outside of the case. The case and book came inside the cardboard slipcover. The advertisement sheet for other games may not have been included with all copies.

There is a variant with a black and white guide sheet. It is not confirmed which was released first, but most likely the blue version.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
ISBN 7-900034-82-X/L-24
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Ubi Soft/ Sina


Front of slipcover
1. Front of slipcover

Back of slipcover
2. Back of slipcover

Front of case
3. Front of case

4. Disc

Blue guide sheet
5. Blue guide sheet

Front of Ubi Soft sheet
6. Front of Ubi Soft sheet

Front of Dino Crisis advertisement (cropped in the bottom)
7. Front of Dino Crisis advertisement (cropped in the bottom)

Front of games advertisement
8. Front of games advertisement

Front of registration card
9. Front of registration card

Front of manual and guide book
10. Front of manual and guide book


Thanks to kongfz.com (images 1-10).