Deadly Premonition Classified Edition


The American limited edition box set contains:

  • PS3 game (BLUS 31064 DPDC_INL_USENG) with a voucher for all the DLC
  • Soundtrack CD (DEP1-PS3-WS-OST)
  • Hardcover art book (DEP1-PS3-WS-ABK)
  • Deck of 54 custom Bicycle brand playing cards

The deck of cards came outside of the box. There is also a small, white cardboard spacer inside the box.

The game box and disc are slightly different to the original release.


  1. Shadow
  2. Raincoat Killer
  3. Thomas Maclaine
  4. George Woodman
  5. Forrest Kaysen
  6. Big Red Kaysen
  7. Greenvale
  8. Greenvale (with vocals)
  9. FBI Special Agent
  10. York and Zach
  11. Goddess
  12. The Woods and The Goddess
  13. The Woods and The Goddess (Special Version)
  14. Miss Stiletto Heels (Full Version)
  15. Miss Stiletto Heels (A Capella Version)
  16. Miss Stiletto Heels (Piano Solo)
  17. Miss Stiletto Heels (Gramophone Version)
  18. Red Tree
  19. Red Tree (Ambient Version)
  20. Emergency
  21. Comic Relief
  22. Life Is Beautiful
  23. Underground
  24. After The Rain
  25. Amazing Grace (with vocals)

Publication details

PS3 NTSC-U/C retail game + CD
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
USA Canada Mexico
release date
Rising Star Games


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Underside of box
3. Underside of box

Front of game
4. Front of game

Back of game
5. Back of game

Game disc
6. Game disc

7. Manual

8. Voucher

Front of soundtrack
9. Front of soundtrack

Back of soundtrack
10. Back of soundtrack

Inside of tray
11. Inside of tray

Soundtrack disc
12. Soundtrack disc

Front of art book
13. Front of art book

Back of art book
14. Back of art book

Front of card deck
15. Front of card deck

Back of card deck
16. Back of card deck

Some of the playing cards
17. Some of the playing cards

Back of playing cards
18. Back of playing cards


Thanks to Whitney (images 1-18).