The Evil Within (Special Edition Packaging)


The game came with a lenticular slipcover with a sticker over the standard case. The case itself is labeled ZB11851WR. It came with a DLC sheet with a code for The Fighting Chance Pack, a manual, and an advertisement for the season pass.

At least one copy has been see with an additional sticker on the front. This was probably added on copies sold later, not on the original release date.

Publication details

PC DVD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
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release date
ZeniMax Media


Front of slipcover with sticker
1. Front of slipcover with sticker

Back of slipcover
2. Back of slipcover

Back of case
3. Back of case

Disc 1
4. Disc 1

Disc 2
5. Disc 2

Disc 3
6. Disc 3

Disc 4
7. Disc 4

Front of slipcover with additional sticker
8. Front of slipcover with additional sticker


Thanks to eBay members rachel80us (images 1-2), pharlapni_80 (images 4-7), and michellecenis (image 8), and Play-Asia (image 3).