The Last Of Us Review Code + Gustavo OST


The British press kit came in a two-parts box in a plastic slipcover. The boxes were numbered out of 2505 copies on a sticker on the back. It contained a PS3 review disc, the soundtrack on a memory stick formed as a cassette tape placed in a cassette case with an insert, an art booklet, Survial Kit DLC inside a matchbook, and a paper with a link to press assets.

The disc is different to the European edition.


  1. The Quarantine Zone
  2. The Hour
  3. The Last Of Us
  4. Forgotten Memories
  5. The Outbreak
  6. Vanishing Grace 1
  7. The Hunters
  8. All Gone
  9. Vanishing Grace (Innocence)
  10. By Any Means
  11. The Choice
  12. Smugglers
  13. The Last Of Us (Never Again)
  14. The Last Of Us (Goodnight)
  15. I Know What You Are
  16. Home
  17. Infected
  18. All Gone (Aftermath)
  19. The Last Of Us (A New Dawn)
  20. All Gone (No Escape)
  21. Vanishing Grace
  22. The Path
  23. All Gone (Alone)
  24. Blackout
  25. The Way It Was
  26. Breathless
  27. The Last Of Us (You And Me)
  28. All Gone (The Outside)
  29. The Path (A New Beginning)
  30. Returning

Publication details

PS3 PAL press kit
catalog #
BCES-01585/R 711719251972
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All contents
1. All contents

Front of box in slipcover
2. Front of box in slipcover

Back of box 1518 in slipcover
3. Back of box 1518 in slipcover

Front of box
4. Front of box

Back of box
5. Back of box

Inside lid of box
6. Inside lid of box

Contents inside box (except art booklet)
7. Contents inside box (except art booklet)

Front of art booklet
8. Front of art booklet

Back of art booklet
9. Back of art booklet

10. Disc

Front of tape case
11. Front of tape case

Back of tape case
12. Back of tape case

Side B of memory stick tape shell
13. Side B of memory stick tape shell

Inside memory stick inlay
14. Inside memory stick inlay

Front of matchbook
15. Front of matchbook

Back of matchbook
16. Back of matchbook

Front of media assets link card
17. Front of media assets link card

Back of media assets link card
18. Back of media assets link card


Thanks to eBay members capadon-eu (image 1), acorveus-store (images 2, 6-9, 11-18), and dsicj (images 3-5, 10).