The Last Of Us Remastered (To Be Sold As A Bundle)


The game came with a yellow PlayStation Official Product sticker, a white bundle sticker (on the wrap), and an instructions sheet. It was bundled with PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB consoles together with God Of War and two Dual Shock 4 controllers. A sticker on the PlayStation 4 box states that it was to be bundled with software only.

The PlayStation Official Product stickers are individually numbered. Most of them start on H099 and H105, and these came with instructions sheets labeled PAS-3. In some countries a series starting with H098 have been found, and these came with instruction sheets labeled PAS-2; same as previous editions of the game. The different series may have been released at slightly different times, and perhaps even in other bundles than the mentioned PlayStation 4 bundle. Not all may have come with the bundle sticker on the game case.

It was sold in different countries with different local stickers on the game case and on the PlayStation 4 box.

Publication details

PS4 retail game
catalog #
PCAS 05112E
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
Hong Kong
released in
release date
Sony Interactive Entertainment


PlayStation 4 box (with sticker) and games
1. PlayStation 4 box (with sticker) and games

2. Contents

Front with stickers
3. Front with stickers

4. Front

5. Back

6. Disc


Thanks to Shopee (Philippines) members alecangelosimoy (images 1-2) and ldgador (images 4-6), and Carousell (Philippines) member racp2k8 (image 3).