Parasite Eve II (Square Millennium Collection)


The Japanese release was distributed in Hong Kong with an official Sony sticker on the front, as well as age rating stickers on the front and on the back.

The box itself is made out of two parts; a black box and a slipcover. The items inside are held in place by two clear plastic spacers, a cardboard spacer, and what appears to be a wood spacer. The box contains:

  • Two game discs sealed in clear jewelcases without artwork
  • Manual
  • Perfume bottle in the shape of Aya Brea
  • Stand for the perfume bottle
  • Card of actress Yumiko Shaku portraying Aya Brea, sealed in plastic
  • Four pieces of plastic which can be formed into a cylindrical art display
  • Instructions booklet for the cylindrical display
  • Small black card

Publication details

PS1 NTSC-J retail game
catalog #
SLPS 02779~80
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
Hong Kong
release date
2000.11.30 (?)
Sony Computer Entertainment


Front of box with stickers
1. Front of box with stickers

Back of box with sticker
2. Back of box with sticker


Thanks to eBay member tigletdung (images 1-2).