Capcom Secret DVD


The disc was included with the 2002.12.06 issue of Weekly Famitsu, which was in reality published November 22. It came in a paper sleeve which was glued to a page in the magazine.

Some minor variations exist. The discs were pressed by at least two different pressing plants, as seen from the matrix codes below. The disc labels are also slightly different, even among different pressings manufactured at the same plant. Some disc labels are perfectly black with a glossy appearance, while others are paler with a matte type label. More variations exist than just those listed below.

Due to the large quantity of discs which have appeared on Japanese auctions without the sleeve, some may never have come with one, and as a result may have been distributed not only with Weekly Famitsu magazines. Of the matrix variations below, the third did not come with a sleeve, but it may of course have been thrown away by the previous owner.

The disc contains trailers of Biohazard 0 and an earlier, unreleased build of Biohazard 4. The Biohazard 4 trailer is the same as on Capcom Secret DVD 2, but the Biohazard 0 videos are different.


Disc 1
  • IFPI L264   CAP-J-021122 MT E01A
Disc 2
  • IFPI L264   CAP-J-021122 MT E14C
Disc 3
  • CAP-J-021122  A-01
  • IFPI 1S56

Publication details

DVD R2 NTSC promo
catalog #
disc(s) made in
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release date
Capcom/ Enterbrain


1. Magazine

Page with demo attached
2. Page with demo attached

Front of sleeve
3. Front of sleeve

Disc (matrix variant 1)
4. Disc (matrix variant 1)

Disc (matrix variant 2)
5. Disc (matrix variant 2)

Disc (matrix variant 3)
6. Disc (matrix variant 3)