Resident Evil 2 Leon (Chinese Version)


The Taiwanese promotional disc came in a clear, resealable plastic sleeve inside a large cardboard box, together with a double-sided jewelcase sized paper with the game controls. The box also came in a resealable plastic bag. The game is the same as the retail game, playable only in Chinese. The discs look almost identical, but the promotional edition has additional text printed at the bottom of the disc, stating that is it a gift and should not be resold.

The Leon and Claire discs were given out separately. This box has the number 1 on the spine, perhaps the Claire box has number 2, but I have yet to see a boxed Claire disc.

Two minor matrix variants have been found of the Leon disc. These variants are listed as discs 1 and 2 below.


Disc 1
  • (Chinese text) 9101.90118.999 (Chinese text) IFPI LD68 -2
  • IFPI 5N38
Disc 2
  • (Chinese text) 9101.90118.999 (Chinese text) IFPI LD68 -3
  • IFPI 5N99

Publication details

PC CD-ROM promo
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The Third Wave Of Information


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Sides of box (top and bottom are plain black)
3. Sides of box (top and bottom are plain black)

4. Disc

Front of manual
5. Front of manual

Back of manual
6. Back of manual