Resident Evil 6


The press kit came in a rusted metal case with or without yellow tape. There were many variations in contents in various countries. The following items were included with most kits:

  • Metal case
  • 360 promo game (JCD87043-00EUR)
  • EU DVD-R ROM with press assets inside a plastic pouch
  • Letter
  • Ivy Daily News paper with poster on reverse
  • Two polaroids

Some kits may have come without the game or without the press assets DVD-R, and with other items included. Some kits came with retail games, some with promotional games. The newspaper and letter were translated into at least English, French, Italian, and Spanish. There were several variants of the polaroids, but each box only came with two each.

The press assets DVD-R contains gameplay videos, screenshots, artwork, logos, and a fact sheet. The contents are the same as the U.S. DVD-R.

Publication details

360 + PC DVD-R ROM press kit
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CE Europe


Italian kit
1. Italian kit


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