Derelict House


The tape was sent to various media outlets in the USA just before the release of Resident Evil VII Biohazard, together with a VCR to play it on. The videos and labels on the tapes were personalized to the recipients.

The contents were shipped in a cardboard box. The VCR was wrapped in sheets of bubblewrap. The tape and video cables were packed in a bubblewrap mailer. The VCR machines included were not the same in each package.

There may also have been some generic tapes just labeled "Get this out there!" with a similar message during the usually personalized part in the video.

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Kinda Funny, tape top label
1. Kinda Funny, tape top label

Kinda Funny, tape underside
2. Kinda Funny, tape underside

Kinda Funny, tape side label
3. Kinda Funny, tape side label

Dread Central, shipping box
4. Dread Central, shipping box

Dread Central, VCR with tape and video cables on top
5. Dread Central, VCR with tape and video cables on top

Dread Central, tape top label
6. Dread Central, tape top label

Dread Central, tape side label
7. Dread Central, tape side label

Polygon, VCR and shipping box
8. Polygon, VCR and shipping box

Polygon, tape top label
9. Polygon, tape top label

Rely on Horror, VCR and tape
10. Rely on Horror, VCR and tape

Rely on Horror, tape
11. Rely on Horror, tape


Thanks to Resident Evil 7 Virus Base (images 1-3), Dread Central (images 4-7), Polygon (images 8-9), and Rely on Horror (images 10-11).