Resident Evil The Final Chapter (metallic/ starburst)


The limited edition soundtrack is pressed on metallic silver and black starburst vinyl. It came with a black die-cut inner sleeve and a download coupon. The ampersand in the matrix below is the unreadable one-letter signature of the mastering engineer who cut the record.

There is also a black vinyl edition. The sleeves are identical, but the metallic vinyl has a barcode sticker covering the printed barcode. The labels, download coupons, and inner sleeves are also identical.


  1. This Is My Story
  2. A Force So Evil
  3. Return To The Hive
  4. The Turbine Sequence
  5. Make It Right
  6. Enter Raccoon City
  7. I Promised You An Answer
  8. Seal The Hive
  9. History Is Written By The Victors
  10. Laser Corridor Revisited
  11. Ascension
  12. The Anti-Virus Sacrifice
  13. Why Am I Alive
  14. Towards A New Horizon
  15. My Work Is Not Done
  16. The Run Towards The Crater


  • MLN1-36810-A S-98919 &
  • MLN1-36810-B S-98920 &

Publication details

LP soundtrack
catalog #
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Constantin Film Verleih/ Milan Entertainment


1. Front

Back (black record without barcode sticker)
2. Back (black record without barcode sticker)

Back sleeve detail with barcode sticker
3. Back sleeve detail with barcode sticker

Side A on top of inner sleeve
4. Side A on top of inner sleeve

Side B on top of inner sleeve
5. Side B on top of inner sleeve

Download coupon
6. Download coupon