Resident Evil The Ultimate Metal Collection


The ammunition box was sealed in plastic with a back insert held in place by the plastic. It was limited to only 266 copies, of which 250 were for retail, exclusive to Media Markt. The boxes were individually numbered on the front.

It contained Steelbook editions of all the six films, an Umbrella logo cloth poster, film cells from the first film in an acrylic case, and a certificate confirming the number of copies. The Steelbook editions were also available separately.

Publication details

BD retail box
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Constantin Film Verleih/ Highlight


Box 063, front
1. Box 063, front

Box 063, back with insert
2. Box 063, back with insert

Box 063, back insert detail
3. Box 063, back insert detail

Box 063, back insert detail
4. Box 063, back insert detail

Box 063, top
5. Box 063, top

Box 080, front
6. Box 080, front

Box 185, front
7. Box 185, front

Box 185, back
8. Box 185, back

Box 185, film cells
9. Box 185, film cells

Box 187, all contents
10. Box 187, all contents

Box 212, front
11. Box 212, front

Box 212, film cells
12. Box 212, film cells

Box 212, certificate
13. Box 212, certificate


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