Resident Evil I (Simplified Chinese Version)


The official Chinese edition was released by Ubi Soft Shanghai. All games released in China need to be approved and assigned an ISBN number. This continues to this day even for games released digitally. (However, it is not a certain way to identify a legit game release as pirate companies often simply copy the ISBN numbers.)

The game came in a black Ubi Soft branded keep case with a cover insert, a manual, and a registration card, all housed in a cardboard slipcover. Judging by the numbered title and the text on the box it was probably released after the Chinese release of Resident Evil 2.

Two minor disc pressing variants exist, the only difference seems to be the thickness of the ring around the spindle hole.

There is also a variant with slightly different packaging and missing the Simplified Chinese Version tagline. It is not known which was released first, but it was probably the other version.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
ISBN 7-900011-39-0/G.39
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
2000 (?)
Ubi Soft


Front of slipcover
1. Front of slipcover

Back of slipcover
2. Back of slipcover

Front of case
3. Front of case

Back of case
4. Back of case

Disc (thick ring)
5. Disc (thick ring)

Disc (thin ring)
6. Disc (thin ring)

Front of manual
7. Front of manual

Front of registration card
8. Front of registration card


Thanks to (images 1-2, 6) and ebay member panzerhund17 (images 3-5, 7-8).