Resident Evil 2 Claire (Complete Chinese Edition)


The official Chinese editions of the game were released by Ubi Soft Shanghai. The Leon and Claire scenarios were released separately. Both were released in black cases with cover inserts. Cardboard slipcovers were not used yet. This was probably the first game in the series to be officially released in China.

This pressing of the Claire edition is quite different to the previous pressings. It contains the game disc, a Claire manual, and a registration card. It did not come with an extra disc, and the text on the front cover has been edited to reflect this. At the same time, Leon's shadow and the Capcom copyright text in the upper right corner were also removed. Perhaps they had to go back to an unfinished template to make the extra disc text changes.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
ISBN 7-900011-35-8/G-35 (?)
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Ubi Soft


1. Front

Manual, disc, and registration card
2. Manual, disc, and registration card


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