Resident Evil 2 Collection (Complete Chinese Edition)


This edition collects the Leon and Claire discs which were previously only released separately by Ubi Soft in China. The release date is unknown, but it was probably released around 2001 and 2002. It was sold at a budget price.

The two discs were placed in a black keep case inside a slipcover. The keep case is not Ubi Soft branded. It came with a black and white manual. Two variants of the manual may exist, one with a matte finish and one with a more glossy finish. It did not come with a registration card.

The discs are identical to the previous individual releases. They may have repackaged unsold discs, but more discs may also have been pressed by the same pressing plant, Shanghai United Optical Disc Co., Ltd. There were a few matrix variants of the individual releases, and variants have also been found within this box set.

There is a rumour on the Internet that this release was cancelled, and only twelve copies remains and were given to investors. This is false. It was a regular release and it is still easy to find this online in China.


Disc 1
  • UBI-REZLEON A IFPI L026 92443
  • ifpi Y102
Disc 2
  • ifpi Y101

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
ISBN 7-900011-33-1/G.34
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Ubi Soft


Front of slipcover
1. Front of slipcover

Back of slipcover
2. Back of slipcover

Sides of slipcover
3. Sides of slipcover

Discs inside case
4. Discs inside case

Leon disc
5. Leon disc

Claire disc
6. Claire disc

Leon disc matrix
7. Leon disc matrix

Claire disc matrix
8. Claire disc matrix

Front of manual
9. Front of manual

Back of manual
10. Back of manual


Thanks to LuxKiller65 (images 1-3, 9-10), Sergej PSV (images 4, 7-8), and Alex Mayers (images 5-6).