Resident Evil 4 (Collector's Edition)


The Australian collector's edition came in an outer cardboard box together with Resident Evil 4 Bonus Disc (DOL P D4BP GS-DOL-D4BP-AUS), which contains trailers of the previous main games, and a making of Resident Evil 4 video. The game box is the same as the regular edition (DOL P G4BP GS-DOL-G4BP-AUS), and contains a manual, an epilepsy warning booklet, and a Nintendo ad flyer.

The discs, DL-DOL-G4BP-0-EUR-01 and DL-DOL-G4BP-1-EUR-01, are unique to the Australian editions. The USK ratings logos on the discs were removed, and -01 was added at the end of each disc's catalog number. It is not known whether the discs' contents are different to the regular European discs.

Publication details

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Nintendo Australia Pty


Included items
1. Included items

Front of box
2. Front of box

Back of box
3. Back of box

Sides of box
4. Sides of box

Front of game
5. Front of game

Back of game
6. Back of game

Front of Bonus Disc
7. Front of Bonus Disc

Back of Bonus Disc
8. Back of Bonus Disc

Bonus Disc
9. Bonus Disc


Thanks to OGDB (images 1, 5-8) and Nakian (image 9).