Resident Evil 4


There are three German editions of the game. The first edition came with regular uncut European discs labeled DL-DOL-G4BP-0-EUR and DL-DOL-G4BP-1-EUR. The back cover states that the game is uncut. It came with a manual, a Nintendo VIP card, a precautions booklet, and a double-sided ad for Killer7 and Viewtiful Joe 2.

It is not certain exactly what happened, but at some point it was made clear that the mini-games had to be cut from the game for it to be released in Germany, as the mini-games promoted rewards for violence. What is certain is that this was not known at the time of manufacturing the games. If separate discs were to be made only for Germany, there would have been no reason to print the USK ratings on the European discs, and as mentioned, the cover insert states that the game is uncut. The European uncut discs were originally intended for release in Germany. The games were already packed, maybe also distributed, and some may even have been sold in Germany.

Large quantities of the first edition can be found on Willhaben, an Austrian online marketplace, indicating that this edition was sold there. Either the games which could no longer be sold in Germany were re-routed to Austria and Switzerland, or the German USK-rated edition was originally released there, too, which was common at the time, with no plans of a dedicated Austrian and Swiss edition. The proper Austrian and Swiss edition, which is rarer to find even in Austria, could then have been a later release, when the USK-rated covers with European discs were sold out.

The second edition replaced the European discs with German cut discs labeled DL-DOL-G4BD-0-NOE and DL-DOL-G4BD-1-NOE. As mentioned, the two mini-games were cut from the game. As a result, the game's official release was delayed five days. The cover insert is still identical; it still states that the game is uncut. The other included paper items are also identical.

The third edition, shown on this page, came with a new cover inlay which no longer states that the game is uncut, instead just stating that it is the German version. It may not have included the advertisement from the previous editions, but the other paper items seem identical. While the catalog number on the back was changed to DOL-G4BD-NOE, the manual was still DOL-G4BP-NOE-M. The discs are identical to the second edition.

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