Resident Evil 5 (Limited Edition)


The Asian limited edition came in a black box with two stickers on the front. The box contains:

  • Resident Evil 5 (regular edition with age rating and Xbox Live stickers)
  • Making Of Resident Evil 5 DVD
  • 2GB chainsaw USB memory stick

The DVD came in a metal case together with a booklet. There are three possible designs for the disc labels; Sheva, Chris, and Wesker.

Publication details

360 NTSC-J retail game + DVD
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
Hong Kong
release date


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Opened box
3. Opened box

Game, DVD, and memory stick
4. Game, DVD, and memory stick

Front of game
5. Front of game

Back of game
6. Back of game

Front of DVD case
7. Front of DVD case

Back of DVD case
8. Back of DVD case

Sheva DVD
9. Sheva DVD

Inside metal case
10. Inside metal case

Memory stick
11. Memory stick

Memory stick inside padding
12. Memory stick inside padding


Thanks to Play-Asia (images 3-4, 10-11) and eBay member coco_mariinette (images 5-9, 12).