Resident Evil 5


The game came in a jewelcase with an NVIDIA 3D Vision competition sticker. It contains two discs and an NVIDIA advertisement. The registration card is printed on the reverse of the cover booklet. Activation keys are printed on two stickers placed inside the tray.

There are two variants of the jewelcase edition. They are identical except for the discs. The copy shown on this page is the first edition, with discs with a clear area around the spindle holes. The reprint discs have the artwork extending all the way to the spindle holes.

There are also minor disc variants of the first edition. The metallic reflective layer extends slightly closer to the spindle hole on some discs. This probably depends on which mould the discs were pressed in. For example, the jewel case edition has been found with a disc 1 as shown below, and like the disc 1 shown on the keep case edition page.

The first edition is sealed with a yellow tear strip. While not completely confirmed, the reprint linked to above probably came with a clear tear strip, and may also be missing the competition sticker.

The details about the different discs and tear strips are also applicable to the keep case releases.

Publication details

PC DVD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Firma 1C


Sealed front with yellow tear strip and NVIDIA sticker
1. Sealed front with yellow tear strip and NVIDIA sticker

Front of booklet
2. Front of booklet

Back of booklet
3. Back of booklet

Inside booklet, registration card page 1
4. Inside booklet, registration card page 1

Inside booklet, registration card page 2
5. Inside booklet, registration card page 2

6. Back

Disc 1
7. Disc 1

Disc 2
8. Disc 2

Front of advertisement
9. Front of advertisement

Back of advertisement
10. Back of advertisement

Activation code stickers (censored codes)
11. Activation code stickers (censored codes)


Thanks to Avito (image 1) and Bigmanjapan (images 2-11).