Resident Evil 5 (Greatest Hits)


The Canadian budget edition came with two manuals, one in English and one in French. The second, French manual was put on the outside of the back of the sealed case, then the game was shrinkwrapped. It came in a red case, but it has also been observed in a clear case with the same contents.

A red case copy with a regular black label disc has been observed. It may have been a disc mix-up in a used video game store, or some copies were sold with old unsold stock of black label discs.

Publication details

PS3 NTSC-U/C game
catalog #
BLUS 30270GH
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
Capcom Entertainment


Front of shrinkwrapped copy
1. Front of shrinkwrapped copy

Back of shrinkwrapped copy with back of French manual
2. Back of shrinkwrapped copy with back of French manual

Back of cover insert
3. Back of cover insert

Disc, English manual, and French manual
4. Disc, English manual, and French manual

Back of English manual
5. Back of English manual


Thanks to eBay members birdseedrun (images 1-2), unknown (images 3, 5), and monmon.2008 (image 4).