Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition


Asian/ Hong Kong edition with dual-sided inlay, Japanese (and some Chinese) on one side and English on the other. It came with a Japanese manual, an English manual, a PlayStation Network leaflet (PSNA-7), and a sticker on the front.

There are multiple different Asian/ Hong Kong releases of the game. While it has not been confirmed, it seems that the disc data is identical on all the different editions.

Publication details

PS3 NTSC-J retail game
catalog #
BLAS 50180
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
Hong Kong
released in
Hong Kong
release date
Capcom Asia


Front (English)
1. Front (English)

Back (English)
2. Back (English)

Front (Japanese)
3. Front (Japanese)

Back (Japanese)
4. Back (Japanese)

English manual
5. English manual

Japanese manual
6. Japanese manual

Front of PlayStation Network leaflet (PSNA-7)
7. Front of PlayStation Network leaflet (PSNA-7)

Back of PlayStation Network leaflet (PSNA-7)
8. Back of PlayStation Network leaflet (PSNA-7)


Thanks to Play-Asia (image 1) and Henry Ko (images 2-8).