Resident Evil VII Biohazard (Collector's Edition)


Unlike the European releases, the Australian collector's edition came with a copy of the game. It included:

  • The game in lenticular packaging
  • Mansion replica
  • 20th anniversary artbook
  • USB finger
  • Five lithographs

Further, it contained various DLC; Survival Pack 1, Survival Pack 2, and the game had a code for Resident Evil 4 for the PS4.

The box itself has a sticker showing which console it is for, while the game has an Australian age rating sticker and a sticker advertising the Resident Evil 4 download.

Publication details

PS4 retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
CE Europe


Front of box with PS4 sticker
1. Front of box with PS4 sticker

Opened box with mansion replica
2. Opened box with mansion replica

Inside box with game and USB finger
3. Inside box with game and USB finger

Artbook and other paper items
4. Artbook and other paper items

Mansion replica inside styrofoam
5. Mansion replica inside styrofoam

Front of mansion replica
6. Front of mansion replica

Left side of mansion replica
7. Left side of mansion replica

Right side of mansion replica
8. Right side of mansion replica

Back of mansion replica
9. Back of mansion replica


Thanks to eBay member gameover_112 (images 1-9).