Biohazard 7 Resident Evil Grotesque Ver. (Limited Edition)


The e-Capcom Limited Edition bundled the game, including Survival Pack: Shotgun Set DLC sheet, with a large sack with various items. The sack, which again was wrapped in plastic, contains:

  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody soundtrack CD (CPDA-10106)
  • Green herb
  • Playing cards
  • Coffee mug

The soundtrack CD was placed in a 12"-sized cardboard tray mimicking a vinyl record. The CD itself looks like it is the vinyl label. It came in a cardboard sleeve with an obi, all wrapped in resealable plastic. A white inner sleeve was also included.

The soundtrack contains 77 tracks, of which all are untitled except for three arranged versions of Go Tell Aunt Rhody. Tracks 2, 5, and 77 are, respectively, the instrumental, English, and Japanese editions of the song.

The green herb pack is also inside the resealable plastic bag the soundtrack came in. They are actually rosemary seeds packed in paper again put inside resealable plastic together with a small sheet of paper with text in Japanese.

The coffee mug is branded as "Hungry Papa's Burger", and was wrapped in similarly branded paper and packed in a cardboard box together with a small piece of paper with some information in Japanese. When hot liquid is poured inside, the mug changes color to look like the mold is growing on it.

The playing cards came in a cardboard box wrapped in resealable plastic. A brown paper ribbon was wrapped around the cards inside.

Publication details

XONE retail game + CD
catalog #
JES1-00449 CPDA-10106
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
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Sack contents
1. Sack contents

Sack packed in plastic
2. Sack packed in plastic

Coffee sack
3. Coffee sack

Front of soundtrack sleeve with obi
4. Front of soundtrack sleeve with obi

Back of soundtrack sleeve with obi and green herb pack
5. Back of soundtrack sleeve with obi and green herb pack

Playing cards
6. Playing cards

Mug and box
7. Mug and box

Mug, wrapping paper, and information paper
8. Mug, wrapping paper, and information paper

9. Front

10. Back


Thanks to Resident Evil 7 Virus Base (images 1, 3, 6-7), Yahoo! Japan Auctions member onkaa1078 (images 2, 8), eBay member trader-games (images 4-5), eBay member lionjp (image 9), and Play-Asia (image 10).