Capcom Chronicle


The set contains three DVDs housed in an outer box with an obi wrapped around the bottom. Each DVD came with a contents index folder:

  • Capcom Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1, SLBM-26, released 2004.07.29
  • Capcom Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2, SLBM-27, released 2004.08.26
  • Capcom Arcade Chronicle, SLBM-25, released 2004.09.30

Only the first DVD came with the outer box, and the following two DVDs had to be purchased individually to complete the set.

The DVDs were produced and released by Enterbrain, the makers of Famitsu, on license from Capcom. Capcom Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 contain short gameplay videos from all the games in the Biohazard and Dino Crisis series' produced up until 2004, as well as Clock Tower 3. There is one video for each console a specific game appeared on. Capcom Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 also contains an American Resident Evil 0 trailer. Capcom Arcade Chronicle does not contain any relevant videos.


Disc 1
  • SLBM-26 Made in Taiwan   IFPI LB75 04062904N   F2
  • IFPI 2N45
Disc 2
  • SLBM-27 Made in Taiwan   IFPI LB80 04072934N   F1
  • IFPI 2N99
Disc 3
  • SLBM-25 Made in Taiwan   IFPI LB75 04090117N   F1
  • IFPI 2N98

Publication details

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Enterbrain/ Capcom


Front of box with obi
1. Front of box with obi

Back of box with obi
2. Back of box with obi

Box spines
3. Box spines

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 front
4. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 front

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 back
5. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 back

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 folder
6. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 folder

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 disc
7. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 1 disc

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 front
8. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 front

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 back
9. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 back

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 folder
10. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 folder

Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 disc
11. Consumer Chronicle Vol. 2 disc

Arcade Chronicle front
12. Arcade Chronicle front

Arcade Chronicle back
13. Arcade Chronicle back

Arcade Chronicle folder
14. Arcade Chronicle folder

Arcade Chronicle disc
15. Arcade Chronicle disc