Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles (Collector's Package)


The Japanese collector's edition came in a cardboard box, and contains:

  • Biohazard The Darkside Chronicles with Darkside Report booklet
  • Darkside Symphony soundtrack CD
  • Darkside Flashback DVD

The game box is labeled RVL-SBDJ-JPN(A), and the disc is labeled RVL-SBDJ-LTD-B0. They are different to the regular edition. The cover insert has alternative cover art on the reverse. Darkside Report, a manual, a registration card, a Club Nintendo card, a Wii controls card, a Law's single advertisement, and a Terminator Salvation movie advertisement were included inside the game box.

The CD and DVD came inside a large digipak, which again came inside a plastic slipcover. An advertisement for the guidebook and soundtrack was also inside the digipak.

DVD contents:

  • Gunshot
  • Kiyoharu - Law's (The Biohazard Darkside Chronicles Edition)
  • Ominous Sign
  • The Darkside
  • Biohazard PV
  • Biohazard 4 PV
  • Biohazard 0 PV
  • Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles PV1
  • Biohazard The Umbrella Chronicles PV2

Copies pre-ordered from e-Capcom came with a leather strap with a bullet charm as long as stock lasted.


  1. Sleeping Beauty
  2. The Third Malformation Of "G"
  3. "T"-B
  4. The Theme of Alexia I
  5. The Theme of Alexia II
  6. Sorrow
  7. Game Of Oblivion
  8. Water Devil
  9. Blood Relation
  10. Overture

Publication details

Wii NTSC-J retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
Japan Taiwan
artwork made in
released in
release date


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Front of game case
3. Front of game case

Back of game case
4. Back of game case

Front of alternative case art
5. Front of alternative case art

Back of alternative case art
6. Back of alternative case art

Game disc
7. Game disc

Front of game manual
8. Front of game manual

Back of game manual
9. Back of game manual

Front of Darkside Report
10. Front of Darkside Report

Back of Darkside Report
11. Back of Darkside Report

Law's advertisement
12. Law's advertisement

Front of movie advertisement
13. Front of movie advertisement

Back of movie advertisement
14. Back of movie advertisement

Club Nintendo card
15. Club Nintendo card

Front of Wii controls sheet
16. Front of Wii controls sheet

Back of Wii controls sheet
17. Back of Wii controls sheet

Online registration card
18. Online registration card

Front of digipak inside plastic slipcover
19. Front of digipak inside plastic slipcover

Back of digipak inside plastic slipcover
20. Back of digipak inside plastic slipcover

Front of digipak
21. Front of digipak

Back of digipak
22. Back of digipak

Soundtrack disc
23. Soundtrack disc

24. DVD

Front of advertisement for the soundtrack and guide
25. Front of advertisement for the soundtrack and guide

Back of advertisement for the soundtrack and guide
26. Back of advertisement for the soundtrack and guide

Leather strap with bullet charm
27. Leather strap with bullet charm


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