Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (Special Edition)


The Canadian Special Edition came in a metal box again housed in a cardboard slipcover, with an additional French manual sealed on the back. A sticker on the back states that the disc was made in Mexico. The metal box has the same design as the PS3 edition, but is slightly bigger. It has an Xbox spine sticker on the side, and contains the disc, an English manual, two patches, and a sheet with download codes for bonus weapons and costumes.

For the American edition, only the metal case was sealed. The entire package with the slipcover was not. However, because they put a French manual on the outside of the Canadian edition, the entire package had to be sealed. The back of the French manual is designed similar to the back of the slipcase. The metal case inside is the same as the American edition.

Publication details

360 NTSC-U/C retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
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Capcom USA


Set, missing one manual
1. Set, missing one manual

Front of slipcover
2. Front of slipcover

Back of French manual sealed outside the slipcover with sticker
3. Back of French manual sealed outside the slipcover with sticker


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