Resident Evil + Power VR 3D Accelerator Card


The Hong Kong edition was released in Taiwan with a sticker from the Third Wave on the front, with the title and information in Traditional Chinese. There is also a sticker on the back with a list of computers the game has been tested on.

The plain brown inner box holds the game in a jewelcase with a manual, the graphics accelerator card wrapped in plastic, and a manual related to the accelerator card.

Publication details

PC CD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
1997 (?)
Capcom Asia/ The Third Wave


Front of box with sticker
1. Front of box with sticker

Back of box with sticker
2. Back of box with sticker

Accelerator card and game case
3. Accelerator card and game case

Accelerator card manual
4. Accelerator card manual


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