Come As You Are

12" (p/d) / test pressing / DGC / DGCTP 7 / made in UK (Orlake) / 1992

The picture disc test pressing came with a white paper on one side, and a white paper with a brown rectangle on the other. The middle layer is black vinyl. Ususally test pressings for picture discs are pressed on regular black vinyl, as described in this document. Testing the stampers on solid black vinyl gives the same result [1]. The lack of the appropriate picture labels suggests that the test pressing was specifically set-up and made as picture disc [2], the only known Nirvana picture disc test pressing so far. Only one copy has been found.

The lacquers were cut by Stuart Hawkes at Copymasters, identified by his signature in the matrix code, and plated and pressed by Orlake. The matrix codes were written by the pressing plant, except for Hawkes' signature.


Side A
  • Come As You Are
Side B
  • Endless, Nameless - 
  • School (live)


Side A
DGCTP+7+A2   Stu.   ORLAKE
Side B

Side A
1. Side A

Side B
2. Side B