Come As You Are

7" (black) / test pressing / DGC / DGCS 7 / made in UK (EMI) / 1992.01.16

White label test pressing. The lacquers were cut by Stuart Hawkes at Copymasters, identified by his signature in the matrix code on side A. EMI processed the metal plates and pressed the records [1]. The matrix codes were written by the pressing plant, except for Hawkes' signature. This was normal in British cutting studios at the time [2].

Long rumoured to exist, as a test pressing was advertised in Record Collector in March 1995 [3] and at some point by, only one copy has been found. It has a handwritten catalog number including the cut number, "DGCS 7 A/B 1U" and a stamped date. It also has "NIRVANA" written using a different pen, which may have been added later.


Side A
  • Come As You Are
Side B
  • Endless, Nameless


Side A
DGCS 7 A-1U-1-1 Stu.
Side B
DGCS 7 B-1U-1-1

Side A
1. Side A

Side B
2. Side B