Here She Comes Now

7" (black) / test pressing / Communion / Comm 23 / made in USA / 1991

White label test pressing with blank labels. The one surfaced copy came in a regular retail sleeve. It supposedly came from the collection of a former Sub Pop employee [1]. The only manufacturing history which can be deduced from the matrix codes is that the metal plates were processed by Lee Plating, as seen from the L-codes.


Side A
  • Here She Comes Now (Nirvana)
Side B
  • Venus In Furs (The Melvins)


Side A
(T) COMM 23 A1 L-37601
Side B
(T) COMM 23 AA1 L-37601 X

Copy 1, side A
1. Copy 1, side A

Copy 1, side B
2. Copy 1, side B