12" (black) / test pressing / Original Recordings Group / ORG-060 / made in USA (RTI) / 2010.07.28

Incesticide was first released in 2011 on ORG Music, but it was originally planned to be released on Original Recordings Group some time in 2010, before the Nirvana catalog was transferred to ORG Music, which seems to have been formed in late 2010. This is the second test pressing of the album, after the previous test pressing had an error on side A. It was pressed in the USA by Record Technology Incorporated (RTI) [1], under Original Recordings Group.

The test pressing came in an inner plastic sleeve inside a white cardboard sleeve sealed in loose plastic. The side A label is a generic RTI label, while the side B label is plain white. The date and catalog number were stamped on the sleeve and on side A. The stamp indicates that side A is a remake.

The manufacturing history is the same as the previous pressing. The cutting engineer added "RE1" after the catalog number on side A, to indicate it is a remake. RTI also gave the plate a new job number, "19293.1(3)" [2]. The same side B plate was used, as seen in the matrix code.

Despite being successful, records with these exact matrix codes were not manufactured and released. This was probably due to the Nirvana catalog being transferred to ORG Music, delaying the release further. The album resurfaced on ORG Music as ORGM 1005. Test pressings were pressed by Pallas later in the year. The same mother plates were used, though with some additions to the matrix codes.


Side A
  • Dive - 
  • Sliver - 
  • Stain - 
  • Been A Son - 
  • Turnaround - 
  • Molly's Lips - 
  • Son Of A Gun - 
  • (New Wave) Polly
Side B
  • Beeswax - 
  • Downer - 
  • Mexican Seafood - 
  • Hairspray Queen - 
  • Aero Zeppelin - 
  • Big Long Now - 
  • Aneurysm


Side A
BG   ORG 060-A-RE1   19293.1(3)
Side B
BG   ORG 060-B   19115.2(3)···

Date stamp on sleeve
1. Date stamp on sleeve

Side A
2. Side A

Side B
3. Side B