2x12" (black) / test pressing / DGC / B0023022-01 / made in USA (Quality Record Pressings) / 2015.05.16

The test pressings were made for the 45 rpm heavy-weight 2015.12.04 reissue of the compilation. The two records came in two white cardboard sleeves with stickers on the front. Sides A and C have company labels and stickers with matrix details, while sides B and D have white labels. The stickers on the labels are the same as those on the corresponding sleeves. One copy has been found.

QRP was stamped into the matrix codes by the pressing plant, Quality Record Pressings. The catalog numbers and side information are handwritten. The mastering engineer signature CB possibly identifies Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.


Side A
  • You Know You're Right - 
  • About A Girl - 
  • Been A Son - 
  • Sliver
Side B
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - 
  • Come As You Are - 
  • Lithium
Side C
  • In Bloom - 
  • Heart-Shaped Box - 
  • Pennyroyal Tea
Side D
  • Rape Me - 
  • Dumb - 
  • All Apologies - 
  • The Man Who Sold The World


Side A
B0023022-01-LP1-A CB QRP
Side B
B0023022-01-LP1-B CB QRP
Side C
B0023022-01-LP2-C CB QRP
Side D
B0023022-01-LP2-D CB QRP

Side A
1. Side A

Side B
2. Side B

Side C
3. Side C

Side D
4. Side D